We have hundreds of cookie cutters in stock and  the price of the cookies varies based on size and complexity of design.
Pricing starts at about $1 per 1" of cookie; therefore a  2" cookie would cost about $2, a 3" cookie would cost $3 and so on.  Specialty artistic techniques add to the beauty and therefore the  price of the cookies; these may include  hand-painted edible watercolor, edible gold painting, dotted borders  and  any other intricate details that you may desire. 
There is a charge of $0.5 per cookie to be individually wrapped as an event/ party favor.

Please note that we request a minimum of $150 for a custom-order.

Please contact us at (216)789-3508 or CookieArt@roadrunner.com to inquire about your creative cookie needs.
Thank you.




  Cookie Art by Emily Stephens