Celebrate. Indulge. Beautifully. by Emily Stephens

I am thrilled to finally have a logo and a website for Cookie Art! Things are definitely heading in the right direction. I am very excited to share my passion for creating delectable and beautiful cookies with those who enjoy that "extra touch"  when it comes to celebrating or gift-giving with style. The next step is to coin a tag-line, a few words to sum up the essence of what we do. I have a few ideas and welcome yours as well.  
This is what I have thus far:

  • Celebrate. Indulge. Beautifully
  • Designer Cookies for All Occasions
  • Beautiful. Delicious. Unforgettable
  • Custom Cookie Studio

Thank you to all of my friends and clients for your support as I continue in the creative process of developing Cookie Art, thus making the world more delicious and beautiful one bite at a time.


Emily Stephens
Cookie Art